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The USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN) monitors the influence of climate on the phenology of plants, animals, and landscapes.

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USA National Phenology Network

What we do: The USA-NPN developed Nature's Notebook, a project focused on collecting standardized ground observations of phenology by researchers, students and volunteers. We also foster phenology communities of practice, and the development of tools and techniques to support a wide range of decisions made routinely by citizens, managers, scientists, and others, including decisions related to allergies, wildfires, water, and conservation.

Our mission: The USA National Phenology Network serves science and society by promoting broad understanding of plant and animal phenology and its relationship with environmental change.  The Network is a consortium of individuals and organizations that collect, share, and use phenology data, models, and related information.

Our vision: The USA National Phenology Network encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to observe and record phenology as a way to discover and explore the nature and pace of our dynamic world. The Network makes phenology data, models, and related information freely available to empower scientists, resource managers, and the public in decision-making and adapting to variable and changing climates and environments.

How we're organized: The efforts of the USA-NPN are organized and directed by the staff of the National Coordinating Office. We are currently working to establish a Steering Group that will provide input on the direction of the USA-NPN and on activities of the National Coordinating Office. The activities of the USA-NPN are funded by several organizations, including the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Park Service, The University of Arizona and the National Science Foundation.

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