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One-year postdoc in phenology and climate change at Harvard

The Wolkovich Lab is looking for a bright, motivated and collaborative postdoctoral researcher to join the lab for one year. The lab (see investigates a broad range of topics (e.g., plant phenology, local adaptation versus plasticity in plant functional traits, community assembly and coexistence, climate change impacts) using a variety of methods (field, growth chamber and greenhouse studies of plant phenology, meta-analyses, statistical and process-based phenological models, coexistence modeling and climate simulations).

The position would be based at the Arnold Arboretum (in Jamaica Plain) with an appointment in the Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. Applicants must be able to spend most days at the Arboretum, while also visiting the main campus in Cambridge from time to time.

The ideal researcher will be both able to lead current projects and support ongoing work. Projects in the lab include: modeling phenology of winegrape varieties and projecting future winegrowing regions under climate change using GCMs, understanding how heat tolerance, drought tolerance and phenology are related across winegrape varieties, and understanding proximate and ultimate drivers of phenological triggers of a suite of northeastern forests and shrub species.

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